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Smack...vs Fresh Food

Let's compare!

We take pride in crafting top-quality pet nutrition. Our raw, dehydrated offerings deliver the goodness of fresh and raw ingredients in an easy-to-serve format, no refrigeration needed. Wondering how we stack up against traditional fresh pet food? Let's explore the benefits of choosing Smack for your furry friend.

Local Business Spotlight

Red Barn Market

Discover the story of Red Barn Market, a local farmers' market turned pet food haven under the management of Tracy Dow. Explore their commitment to Canadian-made pet products, nutrient-dense options like Smack Pet Foods, and the mission to offer value and quality to loyal customers in the Greater Victoria area.

How to help your pet thrive while home alone

Tips for a Happy and Healthy Companion

We understand that leaving your beloved pet alone at home can be a daunting task. Whether you are returning to the office after years of remote work or the kids are heading back to school after a summer of play, your pet will likely need some support as they adapt to solitude. Discover how to smooth this transition and understand the emotional cues your pet may convey during your absence.

The Benefits of Apple

Why Opt for Apples in Your Furry Friend's Diet?

When you introduce apples into your dog's or cat's diet, you're gifting them essential nutrients like vitamins A and C, contributing to their overall health improvement. As the most budget-friendly fruit available year-round, apples are the perfect nutritious treat to lovingly offer your cherished pet, all while being easy on your wallet.

Lost Pet Prevention

5 Tips for Lost Pet Prevention and Pet Safety

July is National Pet Appreciation Month, and what better way to show our love for our furry friends than by ensuring their safety and well-being? We've put together five essential tips to help you keep your pets safe indoors and outdoors, giving you peace of mind as you care for your beloved companions.

The Benefits of Blueberry

Why blueberries are great to your pets...

Blueberries are more than just a delicious treat for humans; they are also packed with numerous health benefits for our furry friends. These tiny berries are a superfood that can provide essential nutrients, antioxidants, and other valuable properties to support the overall well-being of dogs and cats.

Pet Hydration Awareness

How to Help Your Pet Stay Hydrated This Summer

After all those months of cold weather, it’s safe to say that almost everyone looks forward to the summer. Sunshine, trips, beaches, camping - it’s hard to go wrong! But when those temperatures finally start rising and we find ourselves reaching for an ice-cold drink at every opportunity, it’s important to remember that our furry friends feel the heat just as we do, and they need to hydrate more than ever in the hot months. This July, in recognition of Pet Hydration Awareness Month, we're sharing valuable insights on how to keep your pets safe and hydrated during the summer.

Local Business Spotlight

Dan Urbani

Dan Urbani, the founder of Petcetera, has been a driving force in the pet industry since 1997. Today, as President and CEO of UrbanImports, he continues to embrace the evolution of pet nutrition, emphasizing the importance of raw food formulations. His passion for quality products brought him to Smack Pet Food, a brand that aligns perfectly with his philosophy. Endorsing Smack's palatable and nutritious offerings, Dan remains actively involved in an industry he's been devoted to for 25 years.

Local Business Spotlight

Boutique PennyPetz

When Shelley Gardiner made the decision to leave her corporate career, little did she know that it would lead her to open Boutique PennyPetz, a health food pet store in Hudson, Quebec. With a passion for supporting Boxer Rescue and a deep understanding of the health challenges faced by dogs, Shelley was determined to offer only the best products to her customers.

Camping with your pets

Tips and tricks for a pawsome adventure

As summer approaches, many of us are eager to explore the great outdoors with our furry friends. Camping with your pet can be an exciting and fun-filled adventure that creates a lasting bond between the two of you. However, before you hit the road with your pet, it’s important to prioritize their safety and comfort. That’s why we’ve put together a list of valuable tips to help make your camping trip with your four-legged friend a success!

The Benefits of Pineapple

A tropical treat: why pineapple is great for dogs

Pineapple… the taste of summer! But have you ever wondered if your dog might enjoy some of this tropical fruit? In small quantities, fresh or raw pineapple (without any preservatives or added sugar) can actually make for a tasty, nutrient-dense snack for your pup. Read on for more on the benefits of pineapple in your dog’s diet!

Local Business Spotlight

True Carnivores

Owner David's passion for fresh, raw feeding has transformed countless pets' lives, and True Carnivores has become a powerhouse in providing top-quality, natural options for our furry friends. Their knowledgeable staff and commitment to educating customers make them a trusted source for pet nutrition.

Why Smack is great for cats...

Optimal feline nutrition

Discover why Smack is the perfect choice for your feline friend's health and happiness! With its protein-rich goodness, low carbohydrates, and dental benefits, it's the best alternative to kibble... Smack provides everything your cat needs for a balanced and nourishing diet.

Kitten Season

What it is and why it matters

From April to October, we are officially in 'kitten season' - the time of year when female cats begin producing litters, and when humane socieites and shelters see their biggest influx of kittens in need of homes. Read on for more about why this matters and what you can do to help.

Natural vs synthetic vitamins

The differences and why they matter...

We all know that essential vitamins and minerals are an important part of your pet’s overall health, but when it comes to the type of vitamins that they’re getting, it can be hard to know whether synthetic vitamins are really up to the task. Read on for some key differences between synthetic and natural vitamins - and why it matters for your pet's health.

Local Business Spotlight

On Point Raw

For Tanya Gates, the connection between nutrition and training is incredibly important. “You are what you eat, and the way that you feel is going to affect the way that you act. It’s part of our puppy program - our fundamentals course has a whole talk on nutrition.” Read on for her full story.

The Benefits of Turmeric

The Benefits of Turmeric

We all know that essential vitamins and minerals are an important part of your pet’s overall health, but when it comes to the type of vitamins that they’re getting, it can be hard to know whether synthetic vitamins are really up to the task. Read on for some key differences between synthetic and natural vitamins - and why it matters for your pet's health.

Smack... vs Raw

How we measure up

Here at Smack, we pride ourselves on creating the best quality food for your pet. Our raw, dehydrated product offers the perfect combination of raw, fresh food in an easy-to-serve format - no fridge or freezer required! Read on for how we compare to other raw pet food products.

Steamed, raw or cooked?

The benefits of carrots for your dog

This month, we're highlighting all the amazing benefits of CARROTS! From eye health to the gut to the immune system, this vegetable is packed with benefits that make it a paw-some (and delicious) addition to your dog's bowl!

Smack...vs Freeze-Dried

Let's compare!

Wondering how our food compares to other freeze-dried alternatives? From cost, to gut health, to the all-round benefits, check out how we measure up - and why our raw, dehydrated food is the best choice for your customers.

Local Business Spotlight

Dexter's Pet Shop

Drew started Dexter’s Pet Shop to provide customers with quality advice, knowledge and great prices. “Taking the time to actually ask the right questions, know what they’re looking for and what they need - to me that's the most important thing."

Eat Your Greens

The benefits of spinach for your pet

With National Spinach Day on March 26, we're taking a look at one of our favourite vegetables - spinach! In small doses, this leafy green can bring excellent nutritional benefit to your pet - which is why we include it in almost all of our recipes!  

Playing it Safe

Household items TOXIC for pets

March 19 - 26 is National Poison Prevention Week: a time to spread awareness about preventing poisoning. We've put together a list of the top toxic products you can find in your house - and backyard - that could cause serious harm to your cats and dogs.

Smack...vs Kibble

How we measure up

Ever wondered how we really measure up? From our ingredients to our process and everything in between. Check out all the ways our raw dehydrated food compares to kibble to see why Smack really is the best choice for your pets!  

Paw-fect Places for Pups

Where to go (across Canada!)

Spring is (finally) in the air and we've rounded up our best picks of places to go across the country with your pup. From coast to coast, check out our list of the best dog-friendly spots.

Local Business Spotlight

Bone & Biscuit Okotoks

For Amber and Fung, understanding how important pets are to their owners is a huge part of their business and their relationship with their customers. “Our mission is to ensure that our customers know that we understand what it’s like to have a fur baby and want the best for them,”

All About Celery

...more than just a crunch!

Celery... it might not be the most exciting of all the vegetables, but when it comes to nutrition, it can be a paw-some addition to your dog's bowl! Read on for more about how celery can positively impact your dog's health.

It's Peanut Butter Day!

March 1, 2023

March 1 is Peanut Butter Lovers' Day! To celebrate, we've teamed up with our Smack Ambassador Franklin & Bear, who's created a smack-a-licious peanut butter ice cream recipe for your to try. The paw-fect treat for your favourite pup!

Rotational Feeding

Why a variety of proteins is important for your pet

Much like a traditional raw diet (based on a rotation of proteins on a regular basis), we believe that a rotational feeding method is one of the best ways to positively impact your pet’s overall well-being. Discover our top reasons to introduce variety to your pet's bowl.

Customer Testimonial

Alison and Harley

For Alison, introducing her dog Harley to Smack was a game-changer in terms of her health, appetite and energy. "I have never seen such a shiny coat on a black dog (she gleams in the sun) and she now has so much energy every day. She must feel great!

Super Strawberries

The benefits of this delicious fruit

This month, we’re putting the spotlight on one of our favourite fruits, strawberries! Found in five our of lip-smacking recipes, our organic, GMO-free strawberries come from certified organic farms in Canada. Read on for more about this delicious berry!

Local Business Spotlight

Tail Blazers Oshawa

For Akanksha, owner of Tail Blazers Oshawa, it's all about building trust with her customers. "We're here not just as a pet store but more as friends who we are there to support and to help you learn more about your pet’s nutrition."

On the Road Again

This time with extra safety measures!

Travelling can be a stressful time for everyone, but travelling with pets adds another layer of complexity when it comes to sorting out a trip. We've rounded up our best safety tips for ease of mind when taking your furry friend along with you!

Local Business Spotlight

O'Brien Pet Food

As a family-owned business in Squamish, part of O’Brien’s mission is to support other small, local businesses in the area. "Any opportunity there is to find somebody local or a family-run business or venture, we’ll bring them in."

Protecting Pet Skin

What you can do this winter to help your pet

The cold winter air can be tough on everyone's skin... including our pets! In celebration of National Winter Skin Relief day, we've rounded up some of our best advice on protecting your pet's skin when that harsh weather hits! Brr!

A Nutritional Powerhouse

What parsley can do for your pet's health

Parsley isn't just a fun pop of colour in your pet's bowl... it's actually a super herb packed with incredible nutritional benefits. From a boost to the immune system to its anti-inflammatory properties, read on for more about this excellent ingredient!

Local Business Spotlight

House of Paws Pet Boutique

For Carly Patryluk, founder of House of Paws Pet Boutique, creating transparency around pet nutrition is her top priority. "We believe in all of our foods wholeheartedly, and we’re looking for partners. We’re looking for our food manufacturers to be partners."

It's Thyme For...

Some Festive Nutrition

This month, we're highlighting one of our favourite herbs, thyme! Thyme can help improve pets' digestion, strengthen bones and muscles and reduce inflammation and pain. Read on for more about why you should be adding thyme to your pet's bowl!

Top Five Gifts for Cats

Your festive shopping guide

Looking for a last-minute gift for your favourite feline? We've rounded up our top picks for cats - from toys to water fountains and catnip, there's something for every kitty, no matter their taste!

Top Five Gifts For Dogs

Your festive shopping guide

If you're still searching for the ulti-mutt gift for the dog in your life, look no further! We've compiled a list of our top picks for pups - toys, chews, accessories and more - so read on for all of your last-minute festive shopping needs!

Raw and Rewarding

The benefits of organ meat

It might not be the most appetising of ingredients, but organ meat offers an amazing range of benefits to your pet. Read on for more about optimising your pet's health with this ingredient!

Toxic plants for pets

Making your home safe this holiday season

It’s important to make sure that your decorations aren’t creating an inadvertent hazard for your furry friends, so we’ve put together a list of some of the more toxic plants that are best avoided in pet-loving households

Frost things frost

Protecting your pets this winter

With the winter months upon us, we've collected some of our best tips for keeping your pets (and their paws) safe in the colder temperatures. After all, cats and dogs don’t usually enjoy the -30°C Canadian weather anymore than we do. Brr!

Local Business Spotlight

Canadian Pet Connection

Canadian Pet Connection has always been an independent, family-owned business with a focus on selling premium-quality, Canadian brands. For the Forders, a focus on premium-quality products has always been a top priority.

Small But Mighty

The benefits of cranberries

Read on for more about why this ingredient is more than just a festive fruit for Thanksgiving or Christmas - and why including it in your dog or cat’s diet is a great idea.

Local Business Spotlight

Maureen Tate, Paws4Health

Maureen's passion for natural, organic and raw pet food led her to start her business to sell this type of pet food to the public - in fact, she was the first person to bring fresh, frozen, Canadian-made raw pet food into Nova Scotia!

Local Business Spotlight

MOMMS Premium Pet Foods

Product knowledge and customer service are two things that Chris Malmberg prides himself on when it comes to his store. He strives to help customers make the best decisions about their pet's nutrition - and that means high quality, varied food without any fillers.

Local Business Spotlight

Lisa Robinson

Lisa Robinson, the founder and former owner of Wild Side Pet Boutique, is a passionate advocate for pet nutrition - real food, and quality, organic ingredients.

Paw-fect Pumpkin Treats

Let's get baking!

Pumpkin is a PAW-some ingredient to feed your dogs! So why not go the extra mile and bake them some pumpkin treats. Check out the recipe on our blog!

They Are What They Eat

How a Good Diet Can Help Prevent Poor Pet Health

As part of our latest blogpost series, we take a look at the importance of preventative care, and how a good diet can help prevent health issues in your pet.

Local Business Spotlight

The Dog House and More

At The Dog House & More, Karen strives to provide an honest, knowledgeable experience for her customers to help them to have a great pet.

Nothing Spooky Here!

How Pumpkin Can Boost Your Pet's Diet

Pumpkin is one of our (f)all-time favourite ingredients - but did you know that it can be an amazing for your pet too? Find out why you should be adding this fall staple to your pet's bowl!

Local Business Spotlight

Discover Dogs

Discover Dogs, a family-owned small business in East Vancouver, grew out of a love of dogs and a passion for pet nutrition.

Safe At Home

Lost Pet Prevention Awareness

We’ve compiled a list of our top five tips for pet safety, both indoors and outside, to help you have some peace of mind when it comes to caring for your loyalest friend.

Local Business Spotlight

Back To The Bone

Back to the Bone was born out of Daniel and Donna Tutton’s personal experience with their own beloved pet, Max.

Spoil Your Dog Day

Pets are where the heart is

August 10 is National Spoil Your Dog Day, so we've put together some fun ideas for you to treat the special pup in your life!

Local Business Spotlight

In The Raw

Since they first opened in 2000, In The Raw's mission has been clear: to supply raw food and educate people about raw food.

Local Business Spotlight

CB Rescue

CB Rescue works tirelessly to find the perfect homes and families for their dogs and have rescued hundreds of dogs from across Canada, as well as the Dominican, Mexico and US.

A Paw-Fect Summer

9 Pet-Friendly Events Across Canada

We’ve rounded up some of the best dog-friendly events taking place across the country for you to enjoy with your furry friend this summer!

Local Business Spotlight

Doodle Dogs Boutique

With a tagline of “chic, unique, local and fresh”, Corey and Meghan have created a retail store that is boutique and local. “Our mission for sure is sourcing and supporting our local community,” says Corey.

Just Keep On Watering

Pet Hydration Awareness Month

It’s important to remember that our furry friends feel the heat just as we do, and they need to hydrate more than ever in the hot months. This July, it's Pet Hydration Awareness Month and we're taking a look at all the ways you can keep your pets safe during the summer.

Local Business Spotlight

Lucy Jabryan, Thrive4Life Pet Food

“I’m an animal lover,” says Lucy Jabryan,“For me it’s so much more than a business, because when you touch people’s lives, even if someone comes into my store and doesn’t make one purchase, but they leave empowered, they leave excited, that’s a job well done.

Partner Profile

George Leonard, MSAR Service Dogs

MSAR Service Dogs has a unique goal: to change lives, one dog at a time. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, they provide world-class dogs trained as working dogs, elite service dogs and therapy dogs to those in need.

Delicious and Nutritious

How Important is Your Pet's Diet?

As pet parents, we know what our furry friends need the most - love and attention, exercise and socializing, food and water (and a little more love). But when it comes to the diet we decide to feed them, just how important are the choices that you make?

Partner Profile

Free Korean Dogs

June 5 was National Animal Rights Day and we are proud to partner with Free Korean Dogs and the amazing work they do. They are passionate about rescuing dogs not only from abandonment but also from the Korean dog meat market.