Local Business Spotlight - Bone & Biscuit Okotoks

Local Business Spotlight - Bone & Biscuit Okotoks

When Amber and Fung Leung made the move from Ontario to Alberta in the summer of 2022, they had a dream of opening a business together, inspired by their passion for pets. “We wanted a bit of a life change,” Amber explains. “To do something for ourselves and get out of the grind.” Along with their four cats, they relocated from Ontario to pursue that goal. “We came across the store and realised this was our opportunity to do something together - to work together but also fulfill our passion and love for our own pets… to bring it all together.”

That store was the Bone and Biscuit location in Okotoks, AB. With 20 years of experience in the pet industry, Amber brought her knowledge and expertise in the field - and, along with Fung’s finance and business background, they made for the perfect team starting out in the pet retail business together. Since they took over, they have been growing their Bone and Biscuit location and running it as a family.“We’re absolutely loving it,” Amber says.

For Amber and Fung, understanding how important pets are to their owners is a huge part of what drives their business and their relationship with their customers. “Our mission is to ensure that our customers know that we understand what it’s like to have a fur baby and want the best for them,” Amber explains. “We want to help every pet parent find the perfect product, no matter their budget, their needs, their pet - anything.” With that in mind, they strive to offer products to suit everyone’s needs and to help everyone get the best for their pet - with the health of pets being a top priority. “We try to be very health-conscious personally,” says Fung. “And we want to extend that to our family as well - to our pets, and to our customers.”

When it comes to their product line, Amber and Fung’s store carries a broad offering to suit every customer’s needs, from raw dehydrated, to canned, to dry, with the goal of providing a unique variety of food and the very best in each category. For them, Smack fits perfectly into their store and aligns with their own values. “We like that it’s Canadian, that the ingredients are really clean - almost to the point where I want to eat it!” Fung says. “We always like to let our customers try the product with samples to see how their pets take to it. We’re really excited about the product and the company - it really aligns with our business.” Having first been introduced to Smack when Amber’s mom started feeding it to her own cat, they haven’t looked back since. “From being in the industry, I know that it’s a highly palatable product,” Amber says. “We also love to support Canadian brands and so it just checks all the boxes - high-quality, Canadian-made, highly-palatable. It was a no-brainer for us to add it into the store.”

Find out more at https://www.boneandbiscuit.ca/location/okotoks-cornerstone-shopping-centre/ 


"Our mission is to ensure that our customers know that we understand what it’s like to have a fur baby and want the best for them.

Amber Leung, Owner

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