Local Business Spotlight - The Dog House & More

For Karen Morrill, enjoying what she does every day is the most important thing. “I think regardless of money, you need to be happy,” she says. “What makes me happy is working with animals every day and helping them to feel better.” Karen, owner of The Dog House and More, a training, supplies and grooming store in Thunder Bay, ON, had originally thought she would become a lawyer, but after completing her pre-law degree she realized that career wasn’t right for her. Instead, she took over the family business from her mom, and she hasn’t looked back in the 11 years since. “A little light went off in my head,” Karen explains. “I realized that’s what I wanted to do.”

At The Dog House and More, Karen strives to provide an honest, knowledgeable experience for her customers to help them to have a great pet. “I’m very honest with my customers, and people come in just to talk to me about problems they have with their dogs. I love that because I love helping people,” Karen says. “When we groom dogs and we have happy people picking up their dogs, or when people come in for advice on food or health issues, and we have happy people and dogs - I can’t say enough how much that makes me happy as a person.” When it comes to helping people feed their pets the right thing, Karen understands the importance of educating her customers and helping them understand the importance of good nutrition. “Dogs need a well-balanced diet, with correct nutritional value, just like we do,” she explains. “A dog’s health starts from the inside and it shows on the outside, plain and simple.”

Product curation and careful selection is very important at The Dog House. “I’m very picky about what we have in our store because I believe in all the foods that we have,” Karen explains. “I’m not going to sell something to somebody if I don’t feel that I’m doing the best for them.” One of those products is Smack Pet Foods, which Karen feeds to her own dogs at home. “I love the fact that my dogs enjoy their meals - Smack is very simple and it has all the stuff in it that our dogs need. That to me is extremely important.” Her dogs - Afghans and Standard Poodles, which she breeds - have thrived on their diet of Smack. “They have beautiful coats, beautiful skin, they’re healthy and vibrant and they love their food,” Karen says. “They’re walking business cards!” For Karen, the customer service (as well as the “incredible product” that Smack provides) is what she most appreciates about her partnership with the company. “I believe in them 100% or I wouldn’t sell it in my store. My biggest thing - and I think it’s the same for most people - is that our dogs are healthy and happy. I think Smack food fits right into that.”

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“My biggest thing - and I think it’s the same for most people - is that our dogs are healthy and happy. I think Smack food fits right into that.”

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