Local Business Spotlight - Tail Blazers Oshawa

Local Business Spotlight - Tail Blazers Oshawa

“I’ve been a dog parent all my life,” says Akanksha Bansal, owner of Tail Blazers Oshawa. “I always wanted to do something with pets and I decided to turn my passion into my profession.” Before moving to Canada from India, Akanksha spent four years working as a dog trainer. Having settled in Ontario, and keen to experience different aspects of the pet industry, she took jobs as a dog daycare attendant, a trainer and a groomer before working in retail. “That’s when it clicked,” she says. Realizing how much inaccurate information there was out there when it came to pets and pet nutrition, Akanksha decided that she wanted to be part of the solution, and opened up her Tail Blazers location in Oshawa in July 2022.

For Akanksha, the customer experience is the most important part of her retail business. “I want to make them feel comfortable talking to me about their pets’ needs, any challenges they have been facing, and what they want to feed - are they open to raw, are they open to the idea of dehydrated, cleaner products?” In fostering a relationship built on trust, she hopes her advice can help their pets thrive. Taking the time to research and understand the products that they carry is a huge part of that. “Every product in our store is something that I would give to my pets,” she notes.

When it comes to pet nutrition, the decision to include Smack in their product line was an easy one. “I have so many good things to say about Smack,” Akanksha says. “Number one is the ingredient list - literally on my fingertips I can see what ingredients are in there, and I don’t have to Google it to find out what they mean. It’s a very clean product.” Smack’s varied product line, as well as the versatility of being able to use it as a treat or topper, as well as a full meal, is another huge benefit - and of course the fact that Smack is a Canadian brand. “It’s local, it’s family-owned and made in Canada, so people relate to it.”  

For Akanksha, her passion is now her profession, and she hopes to create a community with her customers through her store. “I always say, if you come in with your pet, I may not recognise your face, but I will always remember your pet!” Although Tail Blazers is still relatively new, her goal is to continue building into a place built on trust and reputation. “That’s my vision,” she says. “That people take us not just as a pet store but more as friends who we are there to support and to help you learn more about your pet’s nutrition and to help them thrive in the most natural way possible. I’m glad to know that people are willing to learn, to get more options, and are willing to invest in their pets’ nutrition and their health.”

Find out more at: www.tailblazerspets.com/tailblazers-locations-oshawa.php 

"I’m glad to know that people are willing to learn, to get more options, and are willing to invest in their pets’ nutrition and their health.”

Akanksha Bansal, Owner

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