Top 5 gifts for cats

Looking for that purr-fect present for the cat in your life? We’ve put together our top 5 gift ideas to bring some feline joy this festive season!


Whether it’s cardboard or carpet, this is a present to satisfy your cat’s natural need to stretch and scratch (and - added bonus - it helps to keep their nails healthy!).

Find scratchers here 


Not only is this a TON of fun for cats, it’s also wonderful as an appetite stimulant for any kitties who are feeling the stress of a busy house during the holidays.

Find catnip toys here

Water Fountain

All cat-owners know our feline pals can be fussy when it comes to water… but if you provide them with moving, clean water, this can encourage them to drink more (which is key to their overall health!).

Find water fountains here

Wand Toys

Nothing entices cats to jump, leap and prey better than a wand toy. Even if your energy levels don’t match theirs, this is a toy every pet parent can use with ease.

Find wand toys here

Puzzle feeders

Cats, like their ancestors, have an innate need to hunt. Puzzle feeders encourage them to think about and stalk their food, no matter what type you feed. There are even feeders that look like mice - fill them up and let your cat go hunting! Purr-fect.

Find puzzle feeders here

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