Retailer Spotlight - Maxwell's Pet Bar

  Retailer Spotlight - 
Maxwell's Pet Bar

Published on March 22, 2024

In a candid interview with Maxwell's Pet Bar founders, Jen and Kristi, we dive into their remarkable journey in the pet industry, and the passionate pursuit of holistic pet care. Join us as we unveil the heartwarming story of their venture into the world of pet nutrition and the transformative impact of Smack Pet Food.


Jen, with a background in furniture and housewares retail, and Kristi, a former owner of a hair salon, found themselves on an unexpected path during the challenging times of COVID-19. Jen's shift to the pet industry marked a turning point, sparking a realization about the importance of nutrition for pets. As avid pet owners for over 30 years, the couple felt compelled to share their newfound knowledge with the community. "During Covid, we sort of had a transition. I transferred over to the pet industry and worked for one of the big box companies. That's where I really started learning about nutrition, and I just couldn't believe that we had been so duped," says Jen.


During their six-year journey into the realms of nutrition and supplementation, Jen and Kristi have embraced the philosophy that food is medicine, essential to any nutrition plan. They believe it's the key factor that determines whether a pet will lead a thriving, healthy, and vibrant life or succumb to chronic diseases. In November 2020, fate stepped in, guiding them to an ideal location in their San Francisco, California, neighbourhood. This discovery rekindled a dream from their 20s: to own a business that melds community engagement with their passions. The outcome is a flourishing retail space, a realization of their retirement dreams, allowing them to pursue what they love while making a significant positive impact on the lives of numerous pets.


Quality, integrity, partnerships, and transparency form the cornerstone of their business values. In a world saturated with options, Jen and Kristi emphasize the importance of these principles, creating a unique space that resonates with pet owners who share their commitment to the well-being of furry family members.


As advocates for nutrition as medicine, the couple's vetting process for pet food led them to Smack Pet Food. The air-dried product's quality, minimal processing, and whole food sources aligned perfectly with their vision. What set Smack apart was not just the product itself but the transparent communication and strong connection with the entire Smack Family, including one of the owners, Jonathon. Jen highlights, "Sourcing is very important to us, which is why the ability to directly inquire and receive answers is so valued. When we began exploring Smack Pet Food, we reached out with our questions, and Jonathon himself provided detailed responses during an hour-long call. That level of communication was likely what tipped the scales in their favour.” This personalized approach solidified the partnership, underscoring the value of authentic communication in business relationships.


Sharing personal stories of customer experiences, Jen and Kristi highlight Smack's positive impact on transitioning kibble-fed cats to whole foods and providing a convenient option for raw food customers during travel. "For our raw food customers, it's a really nice, easy way to have a shelf-stable option when they're traveling or camping. People are really traveling a lot with their dogs here. And so it's great to have that option, and it's super easy," Jen says. They echo the sentiments of pet owners witnessing remarkable changes in their pets' health and well-being after incorporating Smack into their diets.


As Maxwell's Pet Bar continues to thrive, Jen and Kristi envision a future where pet owners increasingly prioritize nutrition and well-being. The couple’s passion, combined with the positive impacts of Smack Pet Food, creates a narrative that resonates with pet lovers seeking a holistic approach to pet care.


In a world where every small change contributes to a pet's longer, healthier life, Jen and Kristi stand as advocates for positive transformations, proving that a dream fueled by passion and commitment can indeed become a reality. "The joy of creating positive change in the lives of pets is the heartbeat of Maxwell's Pet Bar." - Jen and Kristi Maxwell


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