The Benefits of (Curly) Parsley 

Published on November 14, 2023

A powerhouse of nutrition: parsley and its many benefits for pets

Parsley - probably not the first ingredient we think of when it comes to superfoods, but this herb has more to offer than just a pop of green on your plate. Parsley - the curly variety - actually offers a range of AMAZING nutritional benefits to our pets (and us!). A powerhouse of vitamins as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, we’re all about including it in our pets’ bowls. Read on for more about why parsley really is a paw-some herb:

It has anti-inflammatory properties

Parsley’s anti-inflammatory properties (including high levels of vitamin K) make it extra helpful for dogs and cats suffering from arthritis. Its high levels of vitamin K (which has been shown to fight inflammatory cells) also promote good liver health and improve the blood’s clotting abilities.

It's a powerful diuretic

As a diuretic, as well as being high in fibre, parsley can help with digestion and flushing out fluids from the body. It can also help fight urinary tract infections thanks to its diuretic and antimicrobial properties, which combat infection-causing bacteria.

It gives a boost of nutrition

Packed with vitamin C, parsley provides an extra boost to our pets’ immune systems. Vitamin C also helps to fight against free-radicals in all water-soluble areas of the body, further reducing the development and progression of a wide variety of diseases. Parsley also has high levels of iron, magnesium and calcium - all great nutritional additions to your pet’s bowl!

It has cancer-fighting properties

Parsley adds nutrients to a dog’s diet, and it also has anti-cancerous properties such as myricetin, a flavonol that has been linked to potentially helping prevent skin cancer. Adding this herb to a dog's food regularly is a good preventive measure, even if the dog is not suffering from cancer.

Keep your pup strong

Parsley packs a punch of vitamin A (good for improving eye and immune health), as well as being rich in folic acids and antioxidants. It’s even been shown to increase the antioxidant capacity of the blood. Helping dogs and cats suffering from allergies or skin problems, as well as activating the activity of the immune system in young animals, even before they are vaccinated.

Best Practices for Providing Parsley to Your Beloved Pet

Offering parsley to your pet requires caution and moderation, treating it as you would any other treat. Dehydrated parsley can be included in your pet's food, or find it in our recipes. Our parsley is organically grown, free from GMOs, and sourced locally from Canada. With the exception of only two formulas, our entire range incorporates this super-herb. Explore our diverse offerings below!