Retailer Spotlight - Let's Talk About Pets

Retailer Spotlight - 
Let's Talk About Pets

Published on February 22, 2024

Explore the essence of pet nutrition in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, United States, with Lori Mouco—a visionary dedicated to transforming the lives of pets. Lori's journey, from childhood challenges with her cat's health issues to the establishment of Let’s Talk About Pets in 2019, mirrors her unwavering commitment to holistic pet care. Lori emphasizes, "Unlocking a longer, healthier life for our furry companions through nutrition is key."


Fueled by a desire to deepen her understanding of nutrition, Lori enrolled in a holistic nutrition school. Her decision was driven by a commitment to educate pet owners and assist them in contributing to the longevity and overall well-being of their furry companions. "Knowledge is the compass that guides us toward creating a holistic and balanced life for our pets," affirms Lori Mouco.


At the core of Let’s Talk About Pets, values center around knowledge and quality. Lori underlines the importance of well-researched information, personally testing all products in her store to ensure the highest standards. Lori's dedication to delivering quality and holistic guidance distinguishes her business in the pet industry.


Lori passionately underscores the simplicity of incorporating small, budget-friendly changes in pet nutrition. "Even one meal change, such as a food supplement or a nutritious topper, enriches your pet's life. Over a decade, it's a wealth of nutrients, surpassing the benefits of never trying – for your furry friend," says Lori. She advocates for a collaborative effort between pet owners and their furry companions, emphasizing the cumulative impact on a pet's overall health and longevity. "The adage 'You are what you eat' applies to our pets too; every small change in nutrition is a step towards a longer, healthier life," asserts Lori.


Expressing admiration for Smack Pet Food, Lori highlights its quality ingredients, vibrant packaging, and exceptional communication and customer service. The partnership with Smack mirrors Lori's commitment to offering the best for her customers, emphasizing the importance of human connection in business relationships.


Lori shares a heartwarming personal story about the transformation of her dog Sunny after switching to Smack Pet Food. Prior to eating Smack, Sunny experienced malabsorption issues, such as an altered appetite and dull coat. However, once Sunny switched to Smack, her coat became both vibrant and healthy. Lori's experience showcases the effectiveness of Smack's raw dehydrated superfood in addressing specific health challenges.


Lori’s Let’s Talk About Pets journey stands as a testament to passion, knowledge, and commitment. Her holistic approach, values, and quality partnerships create a space where pet owners find guidance prioritizing the well-being of their furry companions. Lori concludes, "The joy of creating positive change in the lives of pets is the heartbeat of Let’s Talk About Pets."

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