Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to add water?

For Crunchy Style, you do not need to add water - scoop and feed like you would kibble.

How do I introduce Smack to my dog?

If you feed your dog 1 cup of food, start with 1/4 dry cup of Smack added to 3/4 cup of the outgoing diet. Pay attention to how your pet responds and increase gradually over a period of two weeks.

Is Smack suitable for large breed dogs and puppies?

Smack Pet Food is suitable for all life stages and breeds. We crafted the food with the proper amount of calcium (in grams Ca per 1kg food) to properly grow the skeletal structure of both large and small breed puppies and dogs.

How long will a bag last?

This depends on the age, metabolism, weight, and activity level of your dog or cat. For an average 50 lbs dog, a 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) bag of Crunchy Style will last 3 weeks.

Your food costs a lot more than the kibble I used to feed; why does Smack cost more?

Though it depends on your budget and how willing you are to pay for quality food as a form of preventative medicine, Smack is an affordable food for dogs and cats. To help illustrate - we put 20 lbs of whole raw foods into every 5.5 lbs bag of Very Berry Chicken. The bag retails for $99.99 and contains 25 cups. Recommended feeding for an average 50 lbs dog is 1.25 cup so it works out to just $5.00/day! You will find foods both more and less expensive than this but you won't find one that will match the quality (5-Star Rated | World-Class Ingredients), value, palatability, and positive impact on your dog's well-being!

Better food = a healthier pet and less money down the road as your pet ages.

How do you ensure Smack is safe from nasty bacteria and parasites?

The water activity level (measure of food safety) of our air dried meats are lower than the baseline required to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, parasites, and molds. The meat initially goes through a lethality phase during the beginning parts of dehydration, eliminating all pathogens.

We take a lot of pride in our quality. Since we started in 2008, we have not had a single incident or recall.

Is your salmon free of chemical preservatives, like ethoxyquin?

Our wild BC salmon is free of chemical preservatives and is therefore ethoxyquin-free.

Why don’t you use added vitamins or minerals?

When formulating our foods, we went the direction of preparing them in line with holistic raw food diets which have been tested for decades, combined with our knowledge of functional foods. We did not want to add synthetic premixes to our food; we wanted to keep it natural, using nothing but whole foods with high bioavailabilities. Due to our gentle dehydration process, a high percentage of the amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals are not denatured or harmed resulting in high bioavailabilities. Not only can the synthetic premixes found in pet foods be hard on the organs but the bioavailability of these synthetic minerals can be as low as 4%!

Why does my bag of Smack vary from bag to bag even though it's the same recipe?

Variations in appearance can actually indicate quality in natural products, such as our pet food. Because we don't use any synthetics, binders, preservatives or dyes (which mask variations but are hard on your pet's organs) and use only whole foods with high bioavailabilities, anything from where produce was harvested, when it was harvested, or even small factors like seasonal changes and rainfall can contribute to variances in appearance. So don't be alarmed if your next bag of Smack doesn't look quite like that last - this is actually a very good sign that indicates the high quality of our product!

I added 1 part of warm water to my Smack and waited 5 minutes but the food didn’t expand – why is that?

All Smack Pet Food recipes are meat-based diets with low carbohydrates. The reason why Smack doesn't expand after hydrating is because - unlike carbohydrates - protein polypeptide chains do not fully expand once they have contracted during dehydration.