Founded in 2007, the inspiration for Smack Pet Food Inc. was Zorro, our founders’ beloved family dog, who was diagnosed with cancer. Michael used his interest in health and nutrition to help improve Zorro’s diet during his sickness.

Although Zorro sadly succumbed to the disease, Michael realized that he had found his passion - creating wholesome, nutritious raw dog food to help all other family pets benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

And so Smack Pet Food was created to honour Zorro’s legacy, and to help nourish dogs and cats with a wholesome, nutritious raw food diet.

Today, the Smack family continues to formulate and manufacture raw dehydrated pet food to keep our beloved pets happy, energetic and full of life.

Our products offer maximized health and performance, improved taste and aroma, and reduced illness and shedding for pets – all while maintaining utmost food safety and storage efficiency for pet owners.

Not to mention - it’s lip-smackingly delicious!



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