Smack's Affiliate Program

Program Perks

  • Receive a 10% commission on all sales you generate through your coupon code
  • Give your followers a 15% OFF discount on Smack (limit 1 per customer)
  • Keep track of all referrals in your own personal dashboard
  • Get exclusive access to marketing assets that help with promotion

How do I sign up?

  1. Register as a Smack Affiliate for both Canada and the US:

    Smack has 2 different stores, one for Canada and one for US. This means that you will
    have to register for 2 separate affiliate programs:
        A. Sign up for Canada
        B. Sign up for the US

  2. After approval, log into one of your affiliate Dashboards and create a unique coupon
    code here:

3. Log into the other Affiliate Dashboard and create the same coupon code

NOTE: You’ll have to create the same coupon codes under both affiliate programs, so that you can promote just 1 coupon code, which anyone within either of those two markets will be able to use.

4. Create a link to the Smack website or specific products that includes your coupon code

Add your coupon code to the end of a Smack URL as follows: /discount/YOURCOUPONCODE


NOTE: If the majority of your social media followers are located in the US, you'll want to promote your discount code with a link to our US website.

5. Now simply promote your unique coupon code (with link) to your followers through your website, emails, link in bio, wherever you want to promote products/services

Do's and Don't's

  • You CANNOT use the coupon code yourself
  • You CAN share this code with family and friends